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Heppy's Newest Creations
  Sweet & Spicy Pulled-Pork Pie (9" pie)
All you need is coleslaw.
Wow, soo Good !
  Steak Potatoes and Blue Cheese (9" pie)
Heppy's Signature Pie: Acadian Chicken & Pork
Heppy's Signature Pie

Juicy chicken & pork, boiled together with salt, pepper and onions, thickened in a gravy.

mmmmm.....Often served after midnight mass or any mealtime.
Pot Pies: 4 single servings
Chicken Pot Pie
Simple & traditionally old fashioned

Ingredients: fresh chicken, carrots, peas, potatoes, s&p, eggs, shortening, flour & sugar
Beef Pot Pie
You won’t be asking, "Where’s the Beef?"

Ingredients: fresh beef, carrots, potatoes, s&p, eggs, shortening, flour & sugar
Taste the difference !
Heppy’s Pot Pies
are Low in Transfat

no bottom crust
more food
less fat = enjoy!

Vegetable & Cheddar Pot Pie
A vegetarian delight but enjoyed by all

Ingredients: cheddar cheese, potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, green onion, broccoli, corn, fresh mushrooms, s&p, eggs, shortening, flour & sugar
Premium Pies  
Free-Range Chicken Pot Pie
(4 single servings)
Free-Range Turkey Pot Pie
(4 single servings)
Chicken & Mushroom Pie (9" pie)
Portobello and white mushrooms in a rich sour-cream chicken gravy with a hint of curry.
Wow, soo Good !
Acadian Chicken & Pork
(Each 9" Pie Serves 4-6)
Traditional Meat Pies: 9" Pie  
Tourtiere can be eaten alone or served with salad, mashed potatoes and/or vegetables. (It is an excellent compliment to a stir-fry.) Kids like it with Ketchup, but try it with plum sauce….mmmmmmmmmmm…….

Ingredients: fresh ground beef and pork, potatoes, onions, fresh garlic, spices, s&p, eggs, shortening, flour & sugar
Turkey Pie
Heppy’s Pie Lady has created Christmas dinner in a blanket of pastry. It can be served with cranberry sauce and/or coleslaw and makes a delectable meal!! What makes this pie so special? It is the dressing! Enjoy!

Ingredients: fresh turkey, potatoes, gravy, savoury, breadcrumbs, spices, onions, s&p, eggs, shortening, flour & sugar